Wednesday, 27 July 2011

American Apparel vs Larry Flynt

American Apparel reminds me one of my favorite movies ; The people vs Larry Flynt . For me they are both about sex , drugs and lawsuits . I feel like they have the same soul . To me , the brand gives the feeling of 80ies (vintage) clothing . I think it's so brave and smart to use adult actresses in some of their ads and try to create 'cocaine-chic' images altough some of them have been banned for using nudity and sexuality . Not every woman wants to be a sweet girl , ha ? But yet we act like there is nothing like that ; 'Sexy' and 'cocaine-chic' are images we often come across in real life . Have a look around you , there are many famous celebs we love and they suit what i mean .
Afterall the store might give u the feeling like they always sell the same things , but they have great pieces . Becouse i adore leggings , my favs are neon coloured ones , what about ur ideas about the brand ,do u love it like i do , if yes what are ur fav pieces and also did u watch the movie Larry Flynt ? I wonder which movie reminds u the brand American Apparel ?

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Saints make u feel Happy !

All Saints is one of my favourite brands . I wanna buy almost everything in the store :)) They have great and timeless pieces . I love England based designers and stores . They are also one of them . It's impossible to feel bad in this All Saints dress and Camilla Skovgaard heels :)) happy me :))

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