Tuesday, 7 June 2011

old school bag

this time without my preciousss sunglasses :))

mango skirt (changed a bit)
top bought from Chatuchak market
Steve Madden shoes
Old school Bag bought from a village in Tunusia
golden ring from grandma (used to be a coin)


sacramento said...

I love old school bags. I have my husbad´s when he was a young boy.
You look fantastic.

sacramento said...

You have done it, yeahhhhhhhhhhhh. You have deleted the word verification, yeahhhhhhhhhh.

Despina said...

lovely outfit post!the dress, the bag and the ring are awesome!beautifull hair too :)

ps said...

sacramento : yes i did it finally :)) thanx for ur lovely words

despina: thank u :))

the nyanzi report said...

such a great set of pictures and style. love it!

Piroscutza said...

beautiful bag..



Rosa Rot said...

Love those pics! you're hairs are crazy! I like that!!


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