Wednesday, 6 April 2011

in the closet-2

more photos in my closet...

1st photo:dress bought from somewhere in miami/cocowalk,vintage sunglasses,mango boots

2nd photo: pink ipekyol dress,converse,sunglasses from grandma

3rd photo: vakkorama turtleneck,tara jarmon skirt,penti tights,granny shoes,balenciaga sunglasses

4th photo:jo no fui dress,penti tights,ninewest shoes,balenciaga sunglasses

5th photo: dress and green boots bought from a no-name store,balenciaga sunglasses

6th photo: handmade andy kaufman top by my aunt on my request,zara leggings,zara shoes,balenciaga sunglasses

7th photo: windrunner jacket nike,balenciaga sunglasses


Ber. said...

these are indeed very cool pics! who would have imagined that the closet was so chic to take pictures in?
thanks for your comment dear!



Marella said...

Amazing outfit dear!
Thanks for your sweet comment!
Following! Follow back? <3

Marloes. said...

I love the bright leggings!

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